Women’s Health in Chinese Medicine

The field of gynecology within Traditional Chinese medicine has more than a 3,000 year history of treating women’s health issues. Due to its holistic and natural approach it still plays a valuable role in modern society.  Helping women maintain balanced and healthy lives has been and continues to be one of the outstanding strengths of Chinese medicine. 

Women experiencing menstrual irregulaties, painful menses, PMS symtpoms, infertility, menopause related symptoms, etc. can find relief with Chinese medicine. There are little to no side effects and the change can be permanent when correctly addressing the root of the problem. The course of treatments will vary depending on the patient’s constitution and the duration of the imbalance.  Treatments may involve acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, food therapy and lifestyle counseling.

Though the list of imbalances that Chinese Medicine can treat is long and covers every aspect of a woman’s physiology, the following is a general list of conditions that may be effectively treated; menstrual irregularities, infertility, problems during pregnancy, problems after childbirth, menopausal syndrome and many more…

Chinese medicine has been proven to:
• Regulate the menstrual cycle
• Treat PMS
• Treat endometriosis
• Treat menopausal symptoms
• Treat pelvic inflammatory disease
• Treat blocked fallopian tubes
• Enhance fertility
• Treat certain causes of miscarriage
• Increase libido
• Regulate hormone levels
• Plus many more