The intention of the herbal blend contained in Gentle Warriors Windbreaker is to support respiratory health in children. This is due to the mild tasting, low-alcohol, liquid extracts that are easy for children to swallow. However, the formula is also commonly used by and recommended for adults.





  • Yellow Chrysanthemum Flower
  • Chinese Cinnamon Twig
  • Kudzu Root
  • Magnolia Flower
  • Forsythias Fruit
  • Honeysuckle Flower
  • Fragrant Angelica Root
  • Chinese Mint Herb
  • Tangerine Dried Rind
  • Treated Pinellia Rhizome
  • Siler Root
  • Schizonepeta Herb
  • Chinese Licorice Root
  • Phragmites Rhizome
  • Imperata Rhizome
  • Platycodon Root
  • Notopterygium Root and Rhizome
  • White Mulberry Leaf
  • Perilla Leaf
  • Chinese Cimicifuga Rhizome
  • Burdock Fruit
  • Water 48% to 54%
  • Vegetable Glycerin 24% to 26%
  • Alcohol 10% to 12& by Volume

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