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Neuromuscular                         Women’s Health                    Gastrointestinal          arthritis                                       menopause                              irritable bowel syndrome neck pain                                    irregular menstruation         food allergies
back pain                                    PMS                                          constipation
shoulder pain                            painful menstruation            chronic diarrhea
sciatica pain                               infertility                                  indigestion
carpal tunnel                             low libido                                  gastritis
tendonitis                                   amenorrhea                             ulcers
TMJ                                             menorrhagia                           Crohn’s disease
neuralgia                                                                                        intestinal weakness

Mental Health                           Circulation                               Respiratory
fatigue                                         high blood pressure              frequent colds
stress                                           low blood pressure                allergies & hay fever
headaches                                  arteriosclerosis                       sinusitis
depression                                  angina                                        asthma
                                        anemia                                       bronchitis                              

Mens Health                              Skin Care                                                                           enlarged prostate                     eczema                                                                                    sexual dysfunction                   psoriasis                                                                                infertility                                      acne


This list does not include all conditions which may be effectively treated with acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. If you have any questions whether treatment can aid you with your condition please feel free to contact Midwest Acupuncture Clinic at (515) 554-6728 or email: midwestacupuncture@gmail.com
Below is a brief list of conditions that may benefit from acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is not a comprehensive list.
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